Is Artificial Turf Low Maintenance?

When deciding to replace grass with artificial turf, many people start to weigh the pros and cons of what artificial turf means for the yard and the owner. Some look at saving time on mowing the lawn, the money it can save on water, and how it affects the environment. Although there are many pros and cons to installing turf, let’s take a look and the maintenance aspect of artificial turf. 

For a short answer, no, artificial turf is not low maintenance.  A low maintenance yard would be considered anything that does not require weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. This can include any plants that don’t require much upkeep or water, such as succulents or cactus. These types of low maintenance lawns can be found in drier and hotter climates. 

Artificial turf requires maintenance pretty regularly since it collects dust, debris, and germs. Unlike regular grass that is cleaned and removed whenever the lawn is mowed, turf will need to be manually cleaned. If your turf is getting used regularly and collects a significant amount of leaves and dirt, it is suggested that the turf gets cleaned once a week. A rake or broom can get rid of large pieces of debris and any leaves that have collected on the turf, and using a hose to get the smaller pieces that have accumulated along with dust off is an easy way to clean turf weekly. 

With adults, children, and dogs using the turf, it is highly suggested that the turf gets sanitized every 3 to 6 months. There are two options when choosing how to sanitize artificial turf. One option is to use a turf specific sanitizer that can include bleach and vinegar, and in this case you will follow the directions on the product for how to best clean the space. Another option is to use a mild soap and water mix in order to clean the area. One thing to keep in mind is choosing a product that is safe for the environment. Consider a soap or product that is environmentally safe in order to avoid negatively affecting the plants and animals in the area. 

Artificial turf will also require extra maintenance and cleaning when there are animals involved. Unlike grass in which the smell of solid waste and urine can easily go away after mowing or the sprinklers being used, turf will require a little more cleaning. The smell of urine can get into the turf and stick around for a while if not handled properly. Using Pee Hero can get rid of the smell for good, allowing for everybody to enjoy the backyard. 

Artificial turf has a lot of aspects that have made it seem like it is a low maintenance lawn option. Not having to mow the lawn weekly or run the water to keep the grass green can be appealing to many. Turf is a great grass alternative, as long as it is known that it comes with its own set of maintenance steps and needs. 

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