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We'd like to introduce ourselves, we are the team behind the Urea-Z's Pee Hero, and our Super Dog Scout and his Mighty Microbes. We are a small family owned business, and all our products are made in America. 

Our Mission is to Save Noses Around the Country! We know how frustrating it is to walk outside and be attacked by that evil urine smell. That' why we created Pee Hero, a natural way to remove that smell and take a deep breathe in your backyard and smile. 
Our team has been working to remove the smell of urine for over ten years now, and are very excited to be able to offer a product that not only is safe but really works. 
Thanks for learning a little bit more about the team behind the heroics! 
The Pee Hero Team



       Gabrielle Martorana                Joven Celindro              Salvatore Martorana

            Co-Founder                         Co-Founder                        Co-Founder

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