Urea-Z and Pee Hero

For all our wondering repeat customers, we'd like to introduce you to our new product name, Pee Hero!

This product was called Urea-Z, and has now changed to Pee Hero by Urea-Z. It is the same great product don't worry! Now we have expanded to have two scents, Lemon and Mint!

Pee Hero's Story

Pee Hero was created to align with our mission to SAVE noses around the country. Super Dog Scout and his Mighty Microbes eat up the evil urine crystals so you can rest easy and enjoy your outdoor space!

Where you can use pee hero to defeat those urine odors

Pee Hero can be used on any outdoor space to conquer those pesky urine crystals and banish the evil smell! Super Dog Scout and his Mighty Microbes will eat up the urine crystals in any of the areas below. 

Check out our "how-to" videos

Urea-Z and Pee Hero are the same product, just a new name! 

Step 1

Mix the Concentrated Pee Hero with water to wake the microbes up. This allows the microbes to start multiplying, adding more might microbes to your mix!

Step 2

Lightly spray the smelly area with just water from you hose. This creates little freeways so the microbes can access the nooks and crannies beneath the surface and eat up all the smelly crystals. 

Step 3

Heavily spray the stinky area with the mixed Pee Hero product. You want to lay down a lot of mighty microbes so they can fully infultrate the area and save the day!

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 every day for 3-10 days or until the smell is gone. It can take a while for the microbes to eat up all the urine crystals in your space, especially if your pet has been peeing there for some time. So don't give up! The mighty microbes will prevail! 

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