How to Clean Artificial Grass

A common misconception when installing artificial grass is that lawn maintenance will magically go away! Although it will definitely change, that keeping your artificial grass in good shape will require regular maintenance and cleaning, especially when you have dogs running around. So, throw out the fertilizer and lawn mower and trade them in for these cleaning tips!

Your cleaning schedule will be different depending on where you live, who you have in the backyard, and the season of year. Living in an area that is drier and has more dust and dirt will require more frequent cleanings. If you have pets and children playing in the backyard, you will want to clean more often to make sure the area is sanitized and safe for both your furry friends and your little ones! In climates that receive more rain during certain times of year, you can cut back on the amount of cleaning during the rainy season, since the rain will naturally wash away any germs or dirt!

The best practice is to do a light cleaning every week! Although many think they won’t have to water their lawn anymore once artificial grass is installed, think again! The weekly cleaning can quickly be done by hosing down the grass, focusing on the high traffic areas. Doing this will get rid of any dust or germs that have accumulated over the week and will benefit the lawn in the long run. 

A deep cleaning of the artificial grass should be done every month to three months, depending on the climate you live in and the amount the lawn is used. To get rid of leaves, large debris, and fluff the grass, use a rake or broom first! This will get the big pieces out of the way and allow for the deep cleaning to begin! After this you will want to hose down the lawn just as you normally do weekly. For dog owners, the smell of urine can build up in your lawn, so you will want to use an odor remover, such as Pee Hero, to get rid of the smell. It is safe for dogs and humans, so all your loved ones won’t have to stay off of the lawn for long! Every few deep cleanings, some owners choose to do a sanitizing solution in order to get rid of bacteria that can build up, especially the more that children and pets play on the area! 

Between weekly cleanings and deep cleanings, spot cleanings may be required for bigger spills such as food from a barbecue or an outdoor art project gone wrong. The key to keeping these bigger spills clean is handling it sooner rather than later. As soon as you see the mess, grab the hose and get the mess off of the lawn!

Although maintenance will be cut down once artificial turf is installed, it is still needed in order to make the grass last longer and look great! It is also beneficial in keeping the area clean and sanitized for all of those enjoying the area. Look for the odor removing products that we have to find the best fit for your cleaning schedule!

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