Removing the Urine Smell from a Dog's Porch Potty

If you live in an apartment, home, condo, or anything in between. You may have decided to invest in a Porch Potty for your pup. These are great options to help train your dog on where to go to the bathroom and contain the mess. But what happens when they start to stink?

We have put together detailed directions on how to remove the pee smell from your Porch Potty, so you can enjoy your outdoor space again without the terrible smell. 

First, we recommend you wipe down the entire tray or plastic area under the pee pad and or artificial turf with a disinfectant. This will help remove the urine crystals stuck on the surface of the plastic and disinfect the area. 

Next, hose off the tray or plastic area with just water. This will wash away those chemicals so they don't kill your microbes on accident. 

Next, mist the tray or plastic area with Pee Hero by Urea-Z. This will allow the microbes to eat up any urine crystals that may have been missed by the disinfectant, or lodged deep into the tray or plastic material. 

Next, if you Porch Potty or outdoor potty space has a pee pad, spray that pee pad with Pee Hero by Urea-Z. Spray the pee pad until it is damp, not soaking wet. But has enough Pee Hero on it so the microbes can eat up new urine as your pup uses the bathroom in the future. 

Follow that, place the artificial turf back on top of your porch potty, and spray the top of the fake grass. Spray it down well with the Pee Hero mixture, enough to cover the whole artificial turf. 

Finally, allow your pups to use the Porch Potty for a week, spraying the top of the fake grass with Pee Hero each day. 

At the end of the week, replace the pee pad like you normally do (if you have one), with a new pee pad lightly misted with Pee Hero. 

On week two, continue to allow your pups to use the Porch Potty, but this time only spray it with Pee Hero once or twice throughout the week. You are now in the testing phase to see how often you need to spray the Porch Potty to keep the smell away. This will vary depending on the size of your dog, as well as the number of dogs that are using the Porch Potty. 

We have had great results from this process, happy dogs and happy owners! Saving noses around the country!

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