How to Train Your Dog to Pee in One Spot

Training your dog to pee in one spot can take some time, but can come with a lot of benefits. If you live in an apartment, it this can help you avoid any problems with management and dog rules. If you own a home, this can save the plants in your yard, and overall keep it a clean space. Dog urine can also leave brown spots on your grass and stain wood and concrete. Follow some of the steps bellow to make this process easier, and save your yard sooner!

Pick a spot and stick to it

Dogs usually start to build a preference for where they pee in the yard and the surfaces that they like, especially when they have free run of the yard. Picking a spot that your dog already prefers will make this easier, but if you choose a new spot, make sure it is similar surface to the spots your dog already tends to go. 

Whether you are living in an apartment or have a backyard, pick a place that is not a high traffic area, so that it will always be open for the dog to use, and it will also allow for the dog to have its own area. Once the spot is picked always keep this area clean and groomed. Just as humans like a clean and private area, dogs do too!

Supervise Potty Breaks

After picking a spot, supervise your dog every time they go outside for a break. This will allow you to control the time and lead them to the area that is set aside for them to use. If you don’t supervise potty breaks, the dogs will go back to their old ways of using all areas of the yard, and rules won’t be set for the dogs.

Use a Leash

Whenever it is time to go outside for a potty break, use a leash for your dog. This will let the dog know this time is specifically for potty breaks. Other than supervising the break, this is also another way to control the dog and the situation. You can lead the dog right to area that you have designated for them, and ensure they are using the right area. 

Don’t let the dog off the leash until they have completely finished their potty break. This enforces the thought that the leash is meant for potty breaks and that there is a purpose to this time. This will also avoid your dog using other areas of the yard to relieve themselves if you let them off the leash too early. 

Reward your Dogs

It’s important to reward your dog when they go through this process correctly, especially in the training stages of peeing in one area. Every time your dog pees in the same spot, they should get a reward. Whether it is a dog treat, walk, or time off the leash. This teaches them that whenever they go through this process they get a reward, meaning they will want to do it every time. 

It is also important to remember that you should not punish your dog if it doesn’t go smoothly, most importantly in the first few times trying this out. This will then make potty breaks an intimidating time for dogs and will make it more difficult for them to be trained. If they don’t use designated areas, ignore the behavior and don’t give them their reward. They will quickly learn the difference between what they do for treats and what they do when they don’t get treats. 

Although this seems like a long process and will take a lot of dedication, it will overall be better for you, your dogs, and your yard. You will have a sense of control, your dog will have a schedule and routine to follow through with, and your yard will be free of dead plants and brown spots. If you are willing to commit, training your dog will come back with more benefits!

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