How to Remove the Smell of Urine on Dirt and Concrete

The truth is our pets use the rest room all over the place! And so do other animals and even people. So if you are suffering from a pee smell problem on your dirt or concrete stay tuned because I will walk you through the steps on how to remove that smell from your hard pack dirt or cement. 

Even though hard park dirt and cement doesn't look like is absorbs much liquid, it actually does. And the smelly urea crystals (that cause the pungent urine odor) can get trapped in the layers of dirt or layers of particles in your outdoor space. Some people have tried power washing these areas or dousing them with bleach which might temporarily relieve the smell, but then... it comes back!

So what is the actual solution? To fully removing ALL the urea crystals that cause the smell. How do you do that? Pee Hero.

Pee Hero is made of tiny microbes that eat the urea crystals. So the smell isn't temporarily masked. The microbes literally remove the smell causing crystals, so the pee smell is removed. 

All you have to do is wet down the smelly area with just water first, this creates highways for the Pee Hero to travel to all the layers where all the urea crystals are. Next, you generously spray the smelly area with the mixed Pee Hero product. These are colonizing microbes so they will keep multiplying and eating all the urea until it is gone. You will need to repeat this process for 3-10 days or until the smell is gone, allowing the microbes time to build their microbe army and eat all the urea crystals. Once the smell is removed if you don't have a pet, you are done! And free of the smell. If you do have a pet who is still peeing in the space, then you can move into the maintenance phase. 

In the maintenance phase we recommend starting with using Pee Hero on the area 2x per week. If that keeps the smell way, test out 1x per week. If not add in a spraying session to your week. You will need to test to see the perfect amount of microbes to your pets pee ratio. 

Then you will have a concrete or dirt area that doesn't smell like pee! 

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