How to Make Your Outdoor Space More Eco Friendly

Deciding to have an eco-friendly backyard and outdoor space is a great option to reduce the overall environmental impact, save money on bills, and limit the toxins that you and your family are exposed to. Although you can make lots of large changes, even the smaller changes are bound to make an impact in your life. 

You can start with smaller options, such as all natural cleaning products and pest control, or even go into larger steps such as installing artificial turf or an irrigation system. No matter the direction you choose to go, every little bit matters, and you don’t have to give up the functionality and aesthetic of your space either.

We laid out some steps and tips to make your outdoor area more eco friendly and safe for your family!

Starting from the ground up

When deciding to make eco friendly changes to your yard, you can literally start with changing your groundcovers! This can make a huge impact on your energy and water consumption right off the bat, although it is more of a financial investment.

When designing a patio, deck, or pool area, choosing to go with pavers is always a great option! Not only are they low maintenance, but they are also non-slip, making them safe around water areas. A nice feature to pavers is that they are easily replaceable. If one is damaged, only one section needs to be replaced rather than the whole patio area!

If you are looking to have more grass and lawn area in your space, consider switching to artificial turf! The first change you will automatically see is in your water bill, as you won’t see a need for sprinklers any longer. You will also be reducing your carbon footprint, as you won’t need fuel in order to mow the lawn any longer.

Grill Greener

When designing an outdoor space, it is integral to put some time and budget into the barbeque area. You want to enjoy your outdoor space and that comes with great food and being able to entertain- especially when the nice weather is here. There are options to stay green, even when you are at the grill!

Charcoal grills are not always considered the safest or most eco friendly, but there are safer options to go when cooking on a charcoal grill. Go with natural lump charcoal, over the conventional charcoal that is normally used. Natural charcoal is made of natural or processed wood, which is not only much safer, but gives a smoky taste to whatever you are cooking!

Although this is making a huge change, and many don’t do it, there is the option to go with a corn grill. That’s right- corn isn’t just for a side dish anymore, but can be used to fuel your grill and get your meal ready!

If you don’t want to give up the grill you are using, but still want to make a change, try using natural gas for your grill. Although it still lets off emissions that are not not wonderful for the environment, it is much better than other gas grills, and can be used sparingly in order to get your barbecuing done!

Light up your area

If you plan on spending time in your space once the sun goes down, consider adding some lighting to your backyard plan! This is considered one of the easiest ways to make your space more green, and if you aren’t ready to do a full yard overhaul, try starting here! 

Solar powered outdoor lighting is the way to go when looking at outdoor lights. You don’t have to have anything plugged in and you don’t have to change out batteries regularly to light up your space. These can be found at most outdoor stores or even online, and can come in any style to match your aesthetic and show your creative side!

If you are looking to use candles to light up your space, make the easy switch to natural candles! Candles that are made of soy wax and use essential oils are not only safe for you and your family, but for the environment around you! It’s a simple switch that you will not regret!

No matter how you decide to change you outdoor space, there are many changes to become more eco friendly, while also keeping your family and furry friends safer. Every little step towards going green is a great choice for our planet! 

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